PP Remote for Android and PowerPoint plugin now in test

So what is this? Just another app that can remote control a PowerPoint slide show? I can do a search on Google Play Store and find at least 15 apps that van do the same.

But most og the apps are not that easy to set up, and simple knowledge of ip-addresses and/or Bluetooth are often needed. I know many PowerPoint users that are only basicĀ users of computers.

You need to install a PowerPoint plugin on your computer and you need to install the “PP Remote” app on your phone. When done, open PowerPoint presentation on your computer, press “Connect” on the PP Remote toolbar and enter the pin codes in your app.

Read more on the PP Remote page.

If you want to participate as a tester of the android app, please contact me atĀ ppremote@mads68.dk.

An iOS version is planned.